Transition to the Future You

“The exciting thing about transition coaching is watching the growth of the individual during the process.  It is very invigorating to lead a person to the point of drawing within themselves to come up with the right answers.  Watching the growth of a person is reason enough to be in this profession.”  Mike Greer

How does this differ from athlete coaching?

Greer’s coaching applies to everyone. A Triathlon coach helps with “swim – bike – run, but my transition coaching deals with the life portion of being an athlete. The goal is to offer a plan of balance in life.

I see Greer is a triathlete and competes around the nation – is this coaching just for athletes?

Anyone looking for successful transition in life, career, family, and athletics should contact us and discuss our coaching. Greer’s experience with USA Triathlon and USOC does create a unique perspective on competitors transitioning in (and out of) their athletic careers.

To many people, my perspective on athletics is surprising: I believe in minimal fitness as the norm and anything beyond that is to achieve something other than fitness… training for competition should be the only reason to go beyond minimal standards. I love to compete so I must extend my training time and intensity beyond the minimal. Fitness is the bonus by-product of doing what I love to do.

I help people tap into the energy that comes from doing what they love to do. I don’t expect everyone to have the same competitive drive or the same goals as me.

I met Mike Greer a number of years ago while serving on the board of a non-profit. His experience in leading organizations through times of change and uncertainty was critical to the organizations survival. He provided insightful advice, steady leadership, and was willing to make hard decisions at a time when there were plenty of difficult decisions to be made.

While Mike is best known by many as a triathlete, those who know him recognize his true gift is his ability to coach, teach, and mentor.

Amazingly, he has coached, taught, and mentored everyone from 14 year olds from the wrong side of the tracks, to national class athletes to political and business leaders. Personally, I have applied many of Mike’s leadership principles in community service, while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as senior military leader. I am honored to call Mike a friend and appreciate deeply what he has shared with me about leadership.
D G., Army Colonel and Attorney, Texas

Greer announcing the swim start at the Buffalo Springs Lake Ironman 70.3 swim start. Greer founded the race and 2012 will be the 23rd edition of the infamous Ironman qualifier race.