Whether you’ve worked with a coach before or not, feel free to contact us and let’s discuss the transitions you want to make. We offer a free introductory session, so we can get to know each other, and discuss the coaching relationship that’s best for you.

Like everything else I do, this is not stereotypical “life coaching”!

We offer various packages, including:

  • Individual coaching
  • Coaching for Athletes in Transition
  • Small business coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Career Transitions
  • Dream-List Coaching
  • Intensive projects, custom tailored to your transition goals

All programs are customized to your goals. Contact us for a free introductory session, so we can discuss your transitions.

Those who know him recognize his true gift is his ability to coach, teach, and mentor.
D G., Army Colonel and Attorney, Texas

In addition to his signature message, “The Eleven Points of Healthy Ageless Living”, Greer’s insights and unique presentations messages come from his genuine love of life, and passion to see people transition well, no matter where they are in life. Please contact us to invite Greer to your event.

Mind Management – The Ultimate In Self Improvement

In this book, Greer outlines…. Mind Management is not about mind control but about changing the sub-conscious mind script, in a very simple, safe way, to achieve your goals. In addition the MM concept shows you how to achieve goals by properly setting them for success.

Available by contacting us, or sending $9.95 to Greer Coach, P.O. Box 93726, Lubbock, TX  79493


The GreerCoach Planning Diagram

(Click here to download. Let me show you how this diagram can assist you in setting and achieving goals for your future transitions!)


Mike Greer is the epitome of the word “businessman”. His coaching skills have given my career and business a growth that I could not have believed. I am seeing personal and business confidence that I have not had before. Mr. Greer is a good listener, and has such an insight into planning and executing a plan that is based on your individual personality. He makes you want to succeed because you want to emulate what he has achieved in his business life. Mr. Greer’s sincere interest in challenging me through his wide range of business experiences has made me realize how valuable the coaching experience has been.

DS, Texas

When I try to describe him to people, I use words like “unique”, “unbelievable”, even “maniac”. In his 70’s, he shows very little of the telltale signs of ageing, due in part to the fact that he is an ultra-athlete, who trains every day. Couple that with a healthy diet and a positive attitude, and you’ve got a zest for life that is truly refreshing.

He juggles several business interests; family, writing, and of course, his triathlon training. Mike Greer can change your life – for the better.
S.M., Executive, Texas

I started reading your book and couldn’t put it down. I’m in complete agreement and wondered if you considered what an absolute gift your book has been to others? It really motivated and inspired me.
L.R. Washington DC